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Filial Duties

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by Ayo Ogundipe    •    275 Views    •    likes, 0 dislikes    •    2 Comments

To love and respect a woman,
Is to see her skin deep beauty, as a mother

To swear on your life as collateral for hers in danger
Is your chivalry as her knight in shining armour
The valour of her charm.
For the pride of every woman in her man
Is the prestige of such a man to mind.


And when cast in settings of romantic view
Let her rest her head on your chest
until she learns to hear her heart beat, as a child, in the womb;
Give her peace, as she too would be due soon.

As morning births the day
Be her sun, and let her rose buds bloom
Her nectar, your soul food.


My enterprise of love sits on the foundation of my mother’s heart
who taught me to love a woman - as one in a million.

Lesson learnt by a son authored by a mother
This is my devotion, my filial duty to one daughter,
soon to be a MOTHER.





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Ayo Ogundipe

11:09 am, Thu Mar 2014

Thanks for the compliment bruv, indeed soon to be.

Rotimi Aiyetan

10:48 am, Thu Mar 2014

Very poetic. The daugjter who'd soon become a mother......