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Mother Is Golden (A Quiver Full)

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Pondering on words, worth the wonder of a mother,
Mulling in awe the substance of you.
Scribbling on sheets, reeled off the seat of my mind,
To emerge in fluent tongues,
The grace of you as mother,
I summon the faculty of my wit;
The sum of all poetic endorsement as lyrical proof.
Love, the essence of a mother,
Is the perfumery of your enchantment.
Deep in your heart is a treasure trove of love;
My fortune is vast, in benevolence of you.
I would move the earth
I would hold the sun
I would catch the wind
And pull the clouds.
Ascend the rain of heaven,
Walking on the tear drops of the clouds,
To polish the stars with the handkerchief of faith;
If only I could compose
The elements of your love, bestowed on me.
And the installment of your love for me as chastisements,
Is my finest refinement.
Mentor of daughters
The window of opportunity to the widow.
So let these lines be the sponsorship of my heart.
Signed with the hand of time in lines.
As I dedicate my love to you
As arrows sworn to the archer’s grasp
One in a quiver full of legacies that celebrate you.
And with the count of my blessings in romantic arithmetic
you are one in a million of countless blessings.



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