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Mother Tongue

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Language is more than mere oration
It is an insignia, a verbal trademark
Often spoken with an accent of consenting knowledge
A brand of wit and identity of a unique people
As a force of unity.
The prose of any authorship is an encryption in itself
An encryption of thoughts to be deciphered only by kinsmen;
Folks of the same ilk, men of a common tongue.
The understanding, is the bond of trust between two speakers
The dialogue of truce.
The scribbles are the tribal marks of a clan
The sacredness of shared knowledge.
To divine the knowledge of a conversation without the intervention of an interpreter.
Is to break from the manacle of ignorance that hampers communication.
For to speak is an intention to communicate
To respond is an affirmation of interest
To dialogue is a verbal handshake
A reasonable dialogue is a firm handshake.
Language is the barrier to the novice
It is enchanting to the proselyte
It is vernacular to the stranger
But it is the mother-tongue of indigenes.
The ability to read and interpret accurately is superior knowledge
Fluency in language, is the resolve of wit.
The animation of words spoken is articulation in speech
Like the spoken word of a poet.
It gives sight to the audience, the vision of oration
As each word is painted with the dexterity of the tongue.
Language is one of the cultures of humanity
My language is the rattling tongue of my culture
My language is my culture
The road-sign to where I am from
I came from my mother
So I guess that’s why it’s called mother-tongue
My language is my culture
My language is the brand ambassador of my heritage.



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Ojo Oluwasegun

06:24 am, Wed Feb 2014

"It is vernacular to the stranger"....Isȇ Ȏpȏlȏ!