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Like Dislike

by Sola Obatola    •    299 Views    •    likes, 0 dislikes    •    3 Comments

A feeling he cannot explain
sometimes it brings him pain
giving much time to it seems vain
but he would never ignore its gain

As a source of re-inspiration
or as a form of momentary retardation
which serves as a caution
to his precarious motivation

How candid his insanity becomes
then he ignore his heartfelt reforms
and he is tortured by its worms
so he retreats from the norms.

A mixed memory of his beloved
a feeling that cannot be dissolved
despite his many resolves
it may or may not be love.

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Olatunde Alex-Oni

07:30 am, Tue Oct 2013

love or lust

Abiola Fajimi

07:30 am, Tue Oct 2013

Hmmmm, who is this personality trapped in emotion?

Ayo Ogundipe

00:20 am, Thu Oct 2013

Very inviting, engaging, with an intriguing end. Nice piece, well done.