About the Author

 I am an Architect of lines by day, and moonlight as a
   poet by night.

Ayodele Ogundipe is the creator of the Eclectic 21 Project - A performance based showcase centered around Sound Poetry. 




The Eclectic 21 Project is an experimental art, where prose is first constructed, and music is composed for the literature, thereby creating a hybrid art otherwise known as Sound Poetry. This Avant-garde concept also adopts theatre in delivering the narratives (the prose) as ballads during performance. Succinctly put, the Eclectic 21 Project is Poetry As Performance .




The creator’s  art stems from his Architecture background. Having groomed his gift for prose where he authored his first anthology Eclectic 21 (2006), his art has since evolved from composing prose for publishing, to scripting for stage; this bard has found his stripes more as a stage performer, than simply a literary author, giving more perspective to his art.




This experimental art is due to take on a more ambitious angle with the introduction of theatre. This would be first fully exhibited at his latest gig “YEYE” -  Mother is golden (a cabaret, as a tribute to Mothers) 2014 - his first thespian production which he would be hosting at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi - Lagos.

About the Book

It's been in the making, read the book that started it all

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RT @deledipe: And we had some sweet sounds coming down from @davidb_online at the #EkaaboConcert #femileye https://t.co/1cnHPPGdGI

Mon Jun 05 09:38:04

RT @deledipe: When @femileye brought Harlem to Gidi with his version of #UpTownFunk to the #TheEkaaboConcert https://t.co/u1dos1J37R

Mon Jun 05 09:37:55

RT @deledipe: Here we go now. @femileye doing his thing #TheEkaaboConcert #AfroJazz https://t.co/HAEWj0os2l

Mon Jun 05 09:37:50

RT @deledipe: Let's get the show started. Live in concert with @femileye #EkaaboConcert #LockandLoad #AfroJazzhttps://t.co/qLchuambcz

Mon Jun 05 09:37:38

RT @deledipe: Talk about making an entrance in style to perform #EkoIle for the #ln50years event at City Hall… https://t.co/SIpzJCE3ZV

Mon Jun 05 09:37:26